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Clinic: Peterborough  01733 860979 / 07557272826       Consult Physio Ltd


Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Consult Physio specializes in optimizing patient recovery from herniated disc surgery, lower back surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, ACL reconstruction, neck and shoulder surgery, and foot and ankle surgery.


For patients with more extreme injuries or conditions, restoration of strength and function may only be achieved through surgical intervention. As a Peterborough's Physiotherapy expert Consult Physio works closely with athletes and active adults to optimize pre-surgery conditions and speed post-surgery recovery.


Pre- and post-surgical therapy helps patients:

• Recover faster
• Reduce pain and soft tissue swelling
• Increase strength and improve range of motion
• Restore balance and stability
• Build endurance


Pre-Surgery Physiotherapy

During treatment, Consult Physio will address your pain symptoms and focus on strength and mobility therapies. For some patients, this pre-operative care is highly effective and may even eliminate the need for surgery. Those with a more extensive injury or debilitating disorder may ultimately require surgery.


Using a range of therapy techniques, Consult Physio will work with you to conservatively and carefully prime your joints, muscles, and other soft tissues for the procedure. Readying your body before surgery will better position you for rehabilitation later.


Physiotherapy After Surgery

Physical rehabilitation is a critical component of the success of your surgical procedure. Following your joint or soft tissue surgery, Consult Physio will ease and speed your transition back to daily activity, recreation, and sport by optimizing your levels of:


Fitness • Endurance • Strength • Flexibility



Patients recovering from musculoskeletal surgical procedures are encouraged to begin conservative, expert-guided therapy as soon as they are able. Early integration of Consult Physio's restorative methods will ensure joint mobility, stability, and muscle strength.


Athletes, in particular, benefit from the advanced sports therapy techniques. By co-managing your recovery needs with your surgeon and teaching you proper strengthening and stretching exercises, it will foster your healing and help you prevent re-injury.


Restoring optimal performance includes specific therapeutic and manual techniques, rehab exercises, and the application of progressive physical therapy techniques and modalities. At Consult Physio we integrate relevant, evidence-based researched techniques to help our patients achieve their goals.

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