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Clinic: Peterborough  01733 860979 / 07557272826       Consult Physio Ltd


Office ergonomics and injury prevention


Over the last ten years, there has been an increase in days off work for low back and neck pains along with repetitive stress injuries. As everyone knows, prevention is better and cheaper than cure!


Why the increase?


As a result of the advancement of IT, people are spending longer sitting at their desks without taking natural breaks.


Added to this is an increase in stress, which has become a more widespread problem as a result of job uncertainties.


Recent statistics reveal a lack of regular exercise, and an increase in obesity.

These three factors alone increase the likelihood of workplace problems.


How can we help


DSE Assessments.
Ergonomic Workstation Assessment .


Advice on posture, work time management and exercise will increase overall comfort at the workstation, resulting in :


Reduction of lower back pain

Reduction of stress caused neck and shoulder tension
Prevention of repetitive strains


Back Care Presentations


We offer a one hour in-house back care presentation for you and your employees. This includes work station assessments and advice.


For further details please call: 01733860979 or 07557272826.

Pregnancy need not be a burden


At Consult Physio we are able to treat and advise on low back pain, neck and upper back pain with relation to pregnancy.


We can also carry out Risk Assessments in the work place for pregnant employees.

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